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Temper Audio Review

Movie : Temper
Audio Rating: 3/5
Music Director: Anup Rubens
Temper audio review

NTR,Kajal's mass entertainer Temper directed by Puri Jagannath celebrated the audio launch in a grand manner. Let us see what impact Anup Rubens cast on listeners.

1. Choolenge
Singers-Adnan Sami,Ramya Behara,Veena Ghantasala
Andan Sami's voice is special attraction to the song. Ramya Behara and Veena Ghantasala beautified the song with their good voice. Anup Rubens music is attractive with good string and guitar section. Viswa's lyrics are good.

2. Temper
Singers-Uma Neha,MLR.Kartikeyan,Bhargavi Pillai,Simha
Lyrics-Bhaskara Bhatla,Rahul(Rap)
Powerful title song sung by Uma Neha,MLR.Kartikeyan,Bhargavi Pillai,Simha with full josh and energy. Lyrics of Bhaskara Bhatla and Rahul are impressive. Anup Rubens music is foottapping. It will make masses go wild with lyrics like ‘Me thatha temper… Me ayya temper… Babai temper… Nevvika temper…’..

3. Devuda
Singers-Anup Rubens,Puri Jagannath
Lyrics-Bhaskara Bhatla
Another powerful song with thought provoking lyrics from Bhaskara Bhatla.Puri Jagannath and Anup Rubens sang the song showing their talent as singers. Anup Rubens beats are thumping.

4. One More Time
Melodious duet by Ranjith and Lipsika. Kandikonda's lyrics are lovely and floors those in love. Music of Anup Rubens casts a magic spell on listeners.

5. Ittage Recchipodam
Singers-Geeta Madhuri (Dhanunjay,Anudeep,Arun)
Lyrics-Bhaskara Bhatla
Geeta Madhuri once again shows her power with this item song. She spellbounds all with her husky voice. She tried to be different from her earlier songs and emerged successful. Bhaskara Bhatla's lyrics are good. Anup Rubnes used synthesizers and bagpipe to perfection.

6. Temper Theme
Singers-Hymath,Arun,Anudeep,Dhanunjay,Raj Rahul
Theme song music by Anup Rubens is powerful and creates impact. Hymath,Arun,Anudeep,Dhanunjay,Raj Rahul did full justice. Rahul's rap lyrics are good.

Audio is marketed by Lahari Music

Music Marks

Anup Rubens delivered powerful album for Temper keeping in mind mass audience and Jr.NTRs market.