Time For Jr NTR Fans To Be Careful

The release date of Jr NTR's latest offering 'Baadshah' is inching in and advises are flowing in from many corners for his fans to avoid unwanted stuff on first day. Everyone is asking fans to be more careful than anyone.

During the release of Dammu, it was heard that some unwanted SMSes spread by Junior's detractors have affected collections in certain centres. And the fake hype surrounding the movie is also a reason for the disappointment of Nandamuri fans. While Dammu is a watchable treat in the likes of Racha and Mirchi, over expectations have killed the excitement, shared a Nandamuri fan. This time if fans want to give a stunning hit for their heartthrob star, they should not get carried away by anything.

Going to theatres with festive mood, watching movie with clear mind and enjoying the treat with open hear will give more satisfaction to fans and a big hit to NTR. What say fans?