Vishwanath rejects NTRís offer ?

Sagara Sangamam one of the classics of Indian cinema which released in 1983 is one of the classics of Telugu film industry. The movie directed by K.Viswanath starring Kamal Hassan and Jaya Prada, had displayed the acting prowess of Kamal Hassan in a economically poor multi talented dancer. The movie was a perfect blend of art and tragedy. And now after these many years, Junior NTR had reportedly expressed his interest in acting the remake of the movie.

NTR is undoubtedly the most talented actors in current generation and he is well trained in Bharata Natyam. NTR himself expressed the interest to act in the remake to the veteran director. He assured him to give dates whenever he is ready to remake the movie. NTR would be the perfect hero in present generation to replace Kamal Hasan in Baluís role. This would be a very interesting combination if K.Viswanath is ready to take up the project.

NTR has been trying to impress the legendary director but, director K.Viswanath is not showing interest , has rejected NTRís offer as he do not want to touch the classic and make fun of it. If any other talented director interested in the project might take up.