Water packets thrown at Baadshah makers

NTR Baadshah audio launch was a big disappointment to the fans which lead to their frustration and again at venue.

Because of a fan death due to stampede , the makers was informed to close the event by the police by 9 pm and NTR and other were hurried to deliver a brief speech and close it .

Fans who were waiting from months for its audio launch were disappointed with NTR and others speech as they were expecting some powerful dialogues from the movie and also Baadshah’s highlights , started throwing water packets on to the stage from vip & non vip galleries.

Although the organisers taken enough measures to stop them but one of the water packet hit the producer Bandla Ganesh. The security personnel made it a point to catch hold of the packets flying in the air so as to prevent them from hitting and wetting the VIPs on stage.