Who will be next generation ‘Raju’ of Tollywood?

Rajamouli’s most prestigious project in Tolllywood histroy Bahubali with 100 crore budget ,will decide the next generation No:1 hero.

After Chiranjeevi quit from Tollywood in 2008, None of the heroes dared to claim the No:1 hero status . Observers says , it only after bahubali ‘s release the equations for this position will get a clear picture.

Right now there is tough competition between Pawan Kalayn & Mahesh babu for this position but none of them are interested in taking that position and they have grown bit old compared to the rest heroes like Ramcharan, NTR Prabhas Allu Arjun so, these four are considered as next generation heroes. Director Rajamouli is known as king maker and his film Bahubali will decide the next Raju(King) of Tollywood.