Young Tiger getting Mega support

Superstars and the clashes between their fans is a common feature in Tollywood. Generally there is a lot of competition which takes place between the Nandamuri fans and the mega fans. But the developments in the last few months seem to have shown a tilt with respect to fan support for stars.

We are talking about Junior NTR. There is a strong talk happening that Junior is facing some issues from Nandamuri fans especially those who are ardent followers of TDP as they are not ready to support his new film ‘Baadshah’. If this news is true then it is possible that the film may face some difficulties.

But at the same time, another news is that the young tiger is getting some external support. This is from the fans of Ram Charan. Though there is a lot of rivalry both NTR and Charan are very good friends and in fact Charan was the one who gave the first clap to ‘Baadshah’. So, some groups of the mega camp are extending an olive branch to Jr NTR, as per sources. If this happens then ‘Baadshah’ will receive a big push.