Young Tiger takes a step back on Media Criticism

Young Tiger NTR who is all set to shake box office on fire in summer with Baadshah is in news for wrong reasons now. Media is going berserk about his career and relationship with his family. But all these criticism will turned out to be false as NTR waiting for Baadshah release to give a slap with his shoe with Baadshah success.

Although Media is brigde between public & government, hearing public voice, reacting to their problems. But, NTV has gone overboard, just to create a sensation by entering into celebrities personal life is really a shameful act. NTR and his PR team didnít condemn the criticism or sue the media about their derogatory remarks. NTR is quite cool today with his own work and never bothered about criticism about him. He didnít respond when some of his media friends when they reported about the program .

Although, NTR remained in silent mode, but his fans are not taking this easily. They are furious over NTV for telecasting a paid program. Media is very much interested in degrading a person for their selfish benefits and pays no attention to hear the facts. So it is time remain silent rather making it a issue and feels many well wishers of NTR advice him the same.

Tiger takes a step back before it jumps forwards for its prey So, whenever life pulls you back, do not worry, it is going to lead you forward a greater victory !.