Mega & Nandamuri Fans presidents blame producers

With the death of Raju at Baadshah audio launch, Crowd management turned to be hot topic in Filmnagar. This was a problem at a function of Seethmma Vakitlo, but nothing untoward happened. Then there was a near stampede at a Mirchi event. Finally, at the Baadshah function, a fan died while trying to force his entry into the venue.

Chiranjeevi family itself has over 7,500 clubs, whereas, there are more than 5,500 clubs for the Nandamuris, Mahesh Babu has 4,000 clubs and Prabhas has 1,000.

Presidents of Chiranjeevi and Nandamuri Fans associations blame producers for chaotic scenes at functions .

Swamy Naidu, president of Chiranjeevi Fans Association says, Itís the carelessness of top producers that causes such overcrowding, They ask us to bring 500 fans from each district but on the day of the event, the producer gives us just 50 to 100 passes. Many fans are stranded outside the venue.

Kasim, president of the Nandamuri Fans Association said, Incident occured due to the organisersí negligence , Fans get excited when they are told that the star has invited them. We spend money and time to reach venue but most times, the poor treatment meted out to us pains us. Producers donít even arrange for water for the fans. They put us in open enclosures and we have to stand for four-five hours to watch the event and cheer. Producers show no respect to the fans, who make their events a grand success.