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Balayya took her to provoke NTR?

From the last few months, there are not many things happening positively for the Nandamuri family. Most importantly it has to do with their relation with Junior NTR. There is a strong talk that a big gap has formed between both sides.

The main tussle is being reported between Nandamuri Balakrishna and Junior NTR. And now, another gossip is making rounds. According to sources, the film ‘Legend’ which has Balayya as the hero has got a special song.

For this, it is heard that Sameera Reddy is being brought. Long ago, there was a strong grapevine that Sameera and Junior NTR had a thing going on. Many believed it to be a serious affair. Later it was turned down as mere gossip but the talk still remains.

Now, if Sameera is coming back to do the song then it is likely to bring up the topic of whether Balayya has done that deliberately to provoke Junior NTR in any way. But unit members say it is nothing like that. Let us see what happens.