Pawan's tour a counter to Jagan's deeksha?

Hyderabad: According to sources close to Janasena party president Pawan Kayan, the actor and the politician is planning a tour of the AP districts, starting from Srikakulam.

Sources further told us that Pawan will commence the tour from October 2nd, marking Gandhi Jayathi and will visit farmers and people to find out in general people's response towards government and its welfare schemes, including capital city construction, farm land acquisition and so on issues.

Pawan who chose to respond on the core issues of Special status, Amaravathi, and land acquisition looks like he is willing to question any other issues that may affect people and wants to prove he wont hesitate to go against the TDP government he supported earlier to get into the power.

There are rumours that Pawan might be making the tour a great chance to speak with people to clear ground for his foray into mainstream politics for next general elections. But then YCP which is gaining attention with Jagan's protests and his upping ante against the ruling party might not savour the tour as it could be a counter to their leader's deeksha. This will also be not appreciated by TDP wholeheartedly as the party knows very well that people support Pawan more than the TDP.