Baahubali Audio Launch Postponed?

If the buzz from the film circles is to be believed the most awaited audio launch of magnum opus Baahubali might be delayed by few more days due to technical reasons.

Team Baahubali is going to meet the press on Thursday morning and the buzz has it that they would be announcing about the slight change in the plan.

Baahubali audio and trailer are supposed to be launched on this Sunday evening, but it looks like there are issues in getting the venue for the launch on time.

Certain sources say that police department hasnít given the permission for conducting a big event on May 31st yet. There is another version that is in circulation among the film circles.

According to it the theatrical trailer isnít up to the satisfaction of the team that they are waiting for another version of it.

Rajamouli is not taking any chances with the trailer as the hype and hoopla around the film is too high at the moment. They canít make little compromises with this mega project as whole Indian cinema fans are eagerly waiting for it. However this is not confirmed news and just the buzz we have been hearing about Baahubali.

Letís see what the Team Baahubali has to say in the press meet that is just a few hours away from now.