Baahubali secrets @ Rajamouli

Prabhas, Rana, Tamanna, Anushka's ‘Baahubali’ is becoming the most talked picture across the world. Rajamouli the creator who worked hard revealed all secrets with his interactions. Inspiration behind Baahubali

Amar Chitra Katha!!! Those comics, even today, transport me to those times. I have endless fantasies revolving around those stories set in the past. My excitement with that genre translates into my films. Infact all my movies are inspired by Mahabharata and Ramayana because those are two epics that have been fed to me right from my childhood. I get my emotional connect from those epics.

On Baahubali story It's the simple story of a father who has been back-stabbed, a mother who has been enchained for no wrong of hers and the story of a son who takes revenge. The two parts span two generations.

On how Baahubali happened I am used to dream big since my childhood. However to realise my small dream, it took so many years. I got ‘Baahubali’ idea 6 years back. Sometime back my father Vijayendra Prasad narrated about Sivagami and I got bowled by it. Later he told me about Kattappa. I felt that it would be great if I make a film involving all the characters. I told my dad about it and he readied a story which became ‘Baahubali’.

When did Baahubali story got readied It got readied within three months but I felt that when such characters are there, story should be grand and it got bigger as ‘Baahubali’.

On Why Baahubali made in two parts Film was planned to be made only in one part and only after going to sets realized that I couldn't narrate entire story in one part. We faced difficulties even after editing most of it and felt sad on excluding the important things. Then we decided to do it in two parts making minute changes.

Feelings on 3 years Baahubali journey I should congratulate my team. Generally people lose interest in long term projects but they never lost it even for a single second. Whenever we felt dejected we remembered Sivagami role and it gave us inspiration.

Is Baahubali your dream project? No... It is Mahabharat. I dream to take Mahabharat in a memorable and grandiose manner. However present technology is not sufficient for it. For that to happen I should work 100 times harder than Baahubali and if I make it, I can say I realized all my dreams.

On Prabhas as Baahubali Prabhas himself is a big star. We worked before on ‘Chathrapathi’ and we clicked very well, both on the creative and personal front. I needed a giant of a man with royalty personified, but with a tender heart to play ‘Baahubali’. At the start, I told him I would need one year of his dates exclusively. He smiled and said, I would need two years and kept himself free for the whole period. I don’t think I could have done this with anyone else. Prabhas plays a good host and treats everyone with homemade biryani and fish curry.

On hot hunk Rana My villain should be tall and strong and Rana fit the bill. There is a writer in Rana and he shocked all with emotional letter. Everyone in the team were tear struck and so I decided to rope in as a writer for ‘Baahubali 2’.

About heroines Tamanna, Anushka Anushka is part of my family and I wish to do films again and again with her. Tamanna spellbound with her professionalism. She strove hard for the film.

On Ramyakrishna as Sivagami Ramyakrishna stuns all as Sivagami and she is our inspiration.

What about picturesque waterfall and idol in the trailer My waterfall in my dream should be 2-3km height and idol of 100 ft. We worked hard to get those things done in sets.

Is Eega helped for ‘Baahubali’ Hindi version? Yes, ‘Makki’, Hindi version of ‘Eega’ did not do well on silver screen. Many came to know about it as it became popular on small screen. I confess that some mistakes happened in case of ‘Makki’. We were not happy the way the film was marketed in Bollywood. However ‘Makki’ helped ‘Baahubali’ in getting foothold in Bollywood and also generate interest.

On Baahubali being compared with Hollywood films I don't know how the comparisons can happen. It's a different film...there are no similarities.

On Baahubali's performance in Bollywood Now with the project in Karan Johar's hands there is no chance of any mistake happening. He is taking all measures and promoting the film with perfect planning. ‘Baahubali’ will get good name in Bollywood too.

Regarding high expectations on Baahubali I don’t feel burdened by my past successes. But I do feel the weight of the expectations of ‘Baahubali’. I try not to think about it and concentrate on how to get my shots right and polish the product as much as I can.

When will ‘Baahubali 2’ release? Only next year.

Will you do Bollywood films after ‘Baahubali’? I am not directing Amir Khan after ‘Baahubali’. After ‘Magadheera’, Amir called me and we interacted for quite some time. Both like Maha Bharat and spoke about it. From then on rumours spread.

Did you risk with 200crs considering Indian market? Our market is more than 200crs but we did not realise our potential. To know whether we get Rs.200crs or not, we should first come with Rs.200crs film. We did that attempt and I am confident that results will be positive.