Exclusive Interview@Prabhas

Rebel Prabhas who is turning as Baahubali and as Sivudu in Rajamouli's prestigious venture ‘Baahubali’ shared the secrets. On Baahubali release I am experiencing tensions which I never experienced even for my debut film ‘Eshwar’. At that time I was not aware of so many things and there used to be no monitor in the shooting spot. But now one can watch their performance at the shooting spot and I am tensed with the soaring expectations. However, with ‘Baahubali’, Tollywood power will be known to the entire world.

On Baahubali project The film is biggest in my carrer. Rajamouli came to me to do the film six years back and later after two years, he narrated the story in brief. So I have been waiting for four years to see ‘Baahubali’ on screen. One can not get chance to star in such films often.

Is this not a risk? Since Rajamouli is the director, I agreed to do the film even before knowing the story. Except for the film's budget, folklore story is not the drawback or risk. These kind of films came longtime back in Tamil and Hindi too. ‘Magadheera’ came in Telugu and turned out to be a hit attracting all with visual effects.

On 3 years of shooting We thought we could complete the shoot with in 1-1/2 or 2 yers. But for the film of such stature, one should give director and technicians some time as one should create all costumes and everything on own. We conducted workshops, rehearsals for war scenes. Though fans became impatient, after watching the film they will enjoy a lot and realise that to take a such film, one requires this much of time.

Did you consider other stories than Baahubali? Yes..earlier we planned Srikrishna Deva Raya story, Alluri Seetharama Raju, and out and out kings story and some five six stories which Rajamouli readied.But finally zeroed in on ‘Baahubali’. However budget doubled a lot.Even Rajamouli told film makers Sobhu Yarlagadda and Devineni Prasad that he will make a story in 60-30crs budget or a boxing story. But producers became ready to invest more.

On your roles Sivudu and Baahubali For the role of dad Amarendra Baahubali role I increased my weight to 100kgs. For Sivudu role I reduced it to 80kgs. I have been training for it 8 months before the shooting and once in sets started moduling myself according to roles. For dad role I increased my muscles and to reduce weight for son role I used to have food without carbohydrates.

On Baahubali shooting Two years back on July, 6th, 2013, it was started at near Kurnool. At first I wondered why Kurnool was selected but after seeing the scenic beauty, I was floored. I jumped from Rockgarden mountain more than 25 times and with people surrounding the place, the third day shoot was cancelled. Next shoot was completed in studio and the scene will be in the first half.

On importance to Rana? There is no truth in rumous that first half do not have Anushka and Rana dominates me. Anushka is there but Tamanna's presence is more and even in trailers and posters there was equal importance to Rana and also me. Even if villain role is given importance, my role will get elevated automatically.

How much personal life you sacrificed? Not only me all cast and crew sacrificed their personal life. Rajamouli's family spent a lot of time leaving their personal life.

On your hard work? Action part is the hardest in the film. Since the film has more action scenes, everyone learned sword fight, horse riding, kick boxing, rock climbing. Experts from Vietnam were flown in but they don't know English. Depending on their body language I used to understand. They used to train early morning 4 AM and never used to give any break. However after the training their massage worked like magic.

On Rajamouli? After this film Rajamouli will go to Hollywood. There is a lot of improvement in his direction. He used to say that he do not like the concept of why a guy run after a girl and can not take films like ‘Varsham’. However the same Rajamouli showed love in ‘Magadheera’ and also in ‘Eega’.

On Anushka? Sweety Anushka teamed with me to score hit with ‘Billa’ and later with ‘Mirchi’. This is my third film with her. She and family became close to me and she mingles with everyone and even with production boy. I suggested her name in ‘Mirchi’.

On Tamanna? No one can work harder than Tamanna and sometimes people get scared of her. Even when she is out of energy, she works hard and will not come out of a set system. She put hard work even in busy schedules in Switzerland, Malaysia, Mahabaleswaram.

On Rumours? Rumours are torturing me always. I underwent surgery as my shoulder problem got aggravated due to intense action scenes in ‘Baahubali’. But this triggered lot of rumours. Earlier I slipped near waterfalls in Kerala and a scrach came on my shoulder. However rumour spread that I was injured seriously on head and my uncle krishnam Raju got numerous calls. Rumours spread that I got cancer and went into coma. Another rumour came that my car met with an accident in Begumpet.

On starring in Tamil This film is a bilingual and we used to converse in Tamil for Tamil version. Since I grew up in Tamil, I know Tamil. But since the story is folklore, dubbing was done by other person. I am going to do some straight Tamil films soon.

On Baahubali affect Definitely it will be there and if strong script is there, one can reach viewers expectation. After ‘Baahubali’ I have film with Sujith under UV.Productions, Gopikrishna Movies film and many. I have a plan in selecting stories.

On Baahubali 2? ‘Baaahubali 2’, schedule will start from September, 15th. Till the first half of 2016, I will be busy with ‘Baahubali 2’ and if time permits I will star in another film or else only after wrapping ‘Baahubali 2’.

On comparisons with Avatar? I did not see ‘Baahubali’ completely. I watched only 2-3 reels and it was wonderful. Rajamouli is till working on the film. Rajamouli yesterday remarked to Rana that he got another week for release, it would have been great. Hearing to this Rama Rajamouli said even if he gets another 1 year, it is not sufficient for him. Hindi film maker Karan Johar, after watching few scenes remarked that it was like Hollywood's ‘Avatar’.

On helping Gopichand and Sarvanand? Hakim Ali and Baski takes care of my hair style and dresses. I suggested them to Gopichand and Sharwanand.

On female following? I am aware of it but I don't know the reason. May be the love stories like ‘Varsham’, ‘Darling’,’Mr.Perfect’ attracted them. What type of girl you like? My tastes changes every second. However I love a girl who speaks a lot.

When is your marriage? I don't know. Let the time come. Just because rumours I can not get married.

Did Baahubali film makers paid your remuneration? Unlike others they did not escape. They gave me my full amount

Will you now gun for the top spot? It will not come if we aim for it or with one film

On guest role in ‘Action Jackson’ and starring in Hindi I did not do in Bollywood though I got small roles. For Prabhu Deva I did in Action Jackson. Since it will help ‘Baahubali’,I did it after asking Rajamouli Seems Baahubali changed you a lot, you became more media friendly I am always media friendly but got more experience now and so interacting with media freely. Whatever I spoke in my life till now, spoke more than that in ‘Baahubali’ promos across the country.

Whom will you gift ‘Baahubali’? To my mother and sister

Had your dad been alive? I always remember my dad.I wished he had been to ‘Baahubali’ sets. His vacuum is always felt.