Baahubali warns piracy makers

Prabhas, Rana, Tamanna, Anushka's Baahubali directed by Rajamouli is slated for grand release on July 10th. In the meantime Baahubali team gave strict warning to piracy makers. Speaking to scribes director Rajamouli, producer Shobhu Yarlagadda, hero Rana, Allu Aravind at Film Chamber said they have got John Doe order which enables them to take strict action. Allu Aravind said Film Chamber decided to take strict action against piracy makers and also ISP providers if they help in piracy of the film in any manner. He said more than 350 ISP providers are there in the country and so filmmakers can act against anyone. He asked theater owners and exhibitors to take precautions against piracy as otherwise they will be forced to ban theatre for one year. Filmmakers said they are not waging war against anyone but are only requesting everyone to help the film. Rajamouli said in Bangalore, his friend in police department Chandra Sekhar, along with Commissioner and DCP busted a piracy hub and arrested 9 persons. He requested Telangana and AP police to help them take on piracy makers.