Bollywood Media buzzing about Rajamouli

Ace filmmaker Rajamouli has become National famous ever since the release of the Hindi version ('Makkhi') of his graphical extravaganza 'Eega'. Now, even Bollywood media is keen to know each and every detail of his upcoming project 'Bahubali'.

As per the Bollywood media, 'Bahubali' is a period drama set in 8th century AD. The film will be on par with Hollywood blockbuster like Gladiator, Troy and 300. Estimated cost of the movie is Rs 160 crore (said to be highest in the country) and out of which Rs 40 crores will be spent on VFX alone.

With 'Eega', Rajamouli once proved Cinema has no language and emotions are the same for everyone irrespective of the caste, creed and race. And now, 'Bahubali' is going to expand the market of Telugu films by many times due to the multi-lingual release including foreign languages.

The unanimous opinion about 'Bahubali' from film buffs, critics and media is that its going to be a landmark film in Indian cinema. Rajamouli has got the track record of meeting expectations all the time and the same good impression has taken the hype on this period film to a next level. Wish the master craftsman comes out with flying colors yet again!