King Nag's Dance For 'Darling' Song

A star hero dancing for the song of another star-hero happens only on stages of award functions. In Bollywood it is a regular sight, but in Tollywood we see it very rare.

Prabhas-Anushka's chilling treat right before the pre-climax of 'Mirchi' happens in the form of this song. 'Darlingey Darlingey' song pushed fans to the peaks with its thumping beats, lovely dance steps and tempting glamour. But what if King Nag danced to that song? A fan has edited a new video with footage from Nagarjuna's 'Damarukam' song. All those cuts perfectly matched to 'Darlingey' song and one can really feel how Nag's treat will look if he really dances to that song.