Marriage is only solution for Prabhas

Although Tollywood actor Prabhas denied that he ever met or spoke to YSR Congress leader Sharmila and clarified that the rumours in circulation about their alleged affair were baseless, But why rumours are spreading against only Prabhas ?.

Going past, One discovers that, Prabhas had some connection with YSR family. Sharmila’s uncle , Former Kadapa Mayor Ravindranath Reddy has presented Prabhas film ‘Yogi’, which was a remake of Kannada superhit film ‘Jogi’. Other than that Prabhas has no connections with YSR family. Thats the reason, Prabhas confidently said, he had never met Sharmila, in his press statement. But there is some other reason for rumours on Prabhas.

Prabhas is facing shortage of brides who suit his age, his family status and his community. Prabhas Uncle Krishnam Raju has faced media’s torture over Prabhas marriage. Prabhas was linked up with heroines Kajal, Anushka and many more and whenever Prabhas reached his village , there was a gossips in media over his marriage.

The only solution , Prabhas can give to all the nonsense created by media, is by getting married !.