Mirchi Will Be a Turning Point To Prabhas

Most awaited Movie of Prabhas is Mirchi is slated for release across the USA and other countries from Feb 7th as grand premieres. This is the first movie in India which is releasing ALL DIGITAL in USA & from Feb 7th onwards Canada in 82 locations.

Mirchi is going to be the first Telugu Movie to have gigantic 82 centers premiere. India films is making since efforts to release this movie in grand scale and this will be the biggest ever release from Prabhas and to be released in all digital format only that too in good Quality Multiplex theaters. Most projectors are equipped with J2K digital projection with large screens.

Mirchi is also screening in XD Theater in Davie, Florida. In USA Mirchi is the first Telugu Movie to be played in XD screen. Great India Films has spend additional efforts in procuring the best theaters and HIGH QUALITY multiplexes such as GREATMALL CINEMARK, DUBLIN REGAL in Bay area and North Brunswick REGAL & Farming Dale Regal in NJ Area. We hope that Mirchi will be a turning point to Prabhas.