Miss America message for Prabhas

Youth ICON Young Rebel Prabhas has once again proved that he is first choice for Young girls as most of his audio function will witness huge turnout of girls and latest even the new Miss America 2014 had lot to share about her personal feelings about him and also send signals to Tollywood’s Hunk after winning the Miss America crown.

Davuluri being crowned as Miss America 2014 and overnight she has turned into a celebrity . This 24-year, Vijayawada origin bachelor girl has sent some signals about her feeling towards Tollywood most eligible bachelor . She said, She love Telugu movies a lot and became a big fan of Young Rebel Prabhas after watching Varsham movie. She even watched Prabhas recent blockbuster film Mirchi for number of times, said Davuluri

Prabhas with his height and glamour has flattered every Telugu girl across globe at the same time he enjoys great support from young males too. Hope Prabhas will have a big smile on his face after knowing that Miss America is great fan of him !.