Political leader daughter harassing Prabhas

According to media Buzz, Tollywood hunk Prabhas is been harassed by a girl who belongs to a political family.

This girl is a daughter of a famous politician and she is also a diehard fan of Prabhas. She Has been in touch with Prabhas for quite some time and meeting him on regular basis.

Poor Prabhas could not avoid her as she belongs to reputed political family . But this issue has went to an extent that , the girl started harassing Prabhas that she loves him and demanding him marry her or else she would commit suicide .

Irritated by these acts Prabhas has informed the Tollywood biggies , who mediated to talk with the political family. The Tollywood heads tried to convince that Prabhas is concentrating on his career and he has no marriage plans at least for this year.