Prabhas Behaving Like Venkatesh

English is a language which is understood by many and usually most of them prefer to speak in that language. But when film celebrities especially noted stars begin to speak in English the native crowds feel disconnected. This has been one complaint on big hero Venkatesh who is always seen speaking in English at public events and film function.

However, Venky has a flow in him which cannot be denied and just like his brother Suresh Babu, his English is quite good. But now it looks like someone else is trying to take Venky’s footsteps which are not really working. He is none other than Prabhas.

Apparently, the young rebel star is reportedly speaking in English in almost every TV channel interview of his post the success of his recent venture ‘Mirchi’. As such, the English of Prabhas is somewhat shaky but he has been attempting to give a full scale English interview. Many are now saying Prabhas is behaving like Venky now.