Prabhas Mirchi lands in controversy

Prabhas has been never linked to any controversies till date. However, he couldn't escape this time as his recent outing Mirchi stirred a controversy!

A group of leaders representing Arekatika Porata Samiti stormed into Sandhya theatre at RTC X Roads where the film was being screeneed successfully and protested the usage of words like 'Katika' and 'Kasayi' in the film. They accused the makers of demeaning their work and insulting their community.

The protesters demanded Mirchi makers to chop off the words immediately or asked them to get ready to face the ire of their community. They even threatened that they wouldn't allow the director and producers (who were in the theatre at that time) to go out if they refuse to remove the words. Police stepped into action and took all of the protesters into custody to avoid untoward incidents.

Mirchi opened to packed houses and registering record collections in the career of Prabhas. Wish this controversy will not affect the film's run!