Prabhas Okka Adugu for Tollywood No:1 position ?

Is Prabhas really Okka Adugu (one step) behind for Tollywood No:1 position ? Yes says his next movie title.

Prabhas uttered a dialogue ‘Okka Adugu’ in the action entertainer Chatrapathi which gave him a super star status and the same sentiment prompted a production house to register a title with the same name.

Prabhas’ uncle, Rebel Star Krishnamraju registered ‘Okka Adugu’ title for their Home productions ‘Gopi Krishna Movies’ indicating that he is just one step back to become Tollywood No:1 hero.

While Prabhas is currently focusing on the Rajamouli-directed period drama Bahubali also starring Daggubati Rana and Anushka.