Prabhas’s double role

From the time he has committed himself to ‘Bahubali’ Prabhas has been keeping a low profile and not being seen much in public. Sources say he is doing massive workout and turning himself into a hulk. But more than that it is heard Prabhas is doing a double role, that of an actor and also in the script department.

According to sources, Prabhas is currently busy going in detail about the script work for his film ‘Okka Adugu’ to be made by his uncle Krishnamraju. Talk is that he is giving his inputs wherever required and making the script very good. On the other hand, Prabhas is preparing for his second schedule of ‘Bahubali’.

Reports say Rajamouli, Daggubati Rana and everyone is back to Hyderabad and they are getting ready to begin the new schedule. With this, Prabhas will have to do a double role of looking into the matters of ‘Okka Adugu’ and also ‘Bahubali’. So, it will be even more difficult to see the young rebel star anywhere.