Prabhas joins Face Book

There is a popular ‘saying’,
If you stay along with some other guy for 6 months, Your Mind starts thinking like other guy. The same has happened to Hero Prabhas.

Introverted Prabhas started thinking and behaving like his mentor Extroverted Rajamouli and launched a new account of his own on popular social media networking site ‘Face Book’.

Rajamouli’s active blogging quality seems to have influenced Prabhas to open a account to stay connected with his fans & well wishers and also provide enough publicity for their upcoming project ‘Bahubali.

In his first post on FB Prabhas said, “Hi guys, this is Prabhas and this is my Official Facebook page. I would like to directly stay in touch with my fans and hence this new move to Facebook. Stay tuned for exclusive updates about me and my upcoming movies”.

It would be a fun time for Prabhas fans to share their love and affection towards their favorite star and also to expand the fan base.

Stay connected with Prabhas @
’ to arrive. Till then, we will not know if Rana has really dominated Prabhas or not.