Rajamouli@not confident

As the news of Mahesh Babu's most awaited Srimanthudu's release got postponed on the request of the Baahubali makers, the talk of flop fear came onto the screen. However, responding harshly to these comments, the magnum opus director, SS Rajamouli said "It's not that we've feared Srimanthudu or Baahubali has scared Mahesh Babu like some foolish people are asking. It's for the well being of film industry. It's so gracious of Srimanthudu to go back."

He further gave a clarity saying "There was never like a fight or anything between Baahubali and Srimanthudu as heard in the media. We're always discussing about placement of these two flicks quite carefully such that no one will get loss. In case if Srimanthudu has come first, then we would have opted for a postponement."

He said that media has been constantly bombarding with these questions on him and Mahesh too, but Mahesh being a soft man is patiently answering them. He said "Despite media asking such questions, Mahesh is a thorough gentleman and he hasn't lost his cool despite of these silly questions. He spoke truth. If these two movies perform well at box office, or too films are bad, or one among them is good and other one is bad, finally both the films will have to enjoy or suffer. Because years of hard work and crores of rupees are at stake."

So, it is a deal and for better box office collections! Hope this kind of attitude will prevail among others too! But the question is why is Rajamouli not confident about its collections? Does he have any doubt?