Rajamouli's next project with Suriya?

After unveiling a more than life project, Rajamouli craze seems to go international. However a question that strikes our minds is that what next after this magnum opus Baahubali? As per the industry reports, it is said that Rajamouli locked his next hero and he is none other than the Kollywood's handsome Suriya.

Quite earlier, the project of Rajamouli with Suriya which is to be produced by BVSN Prasad was done in talks while it did not move on to sets. But now that seems to be working out! It is said that Rajamouli met Suriya recently and asked his dates for the shoot. Notably, Suriya's brother Gnanvel Raja has bought the Tamil version rights of Baahubali and Suriya is in constant touch with Rajamouli through these years.

So, attacking the Tamil market now should see what Rajamouli makes with Suriya! Another news is that Rajamouli also has a thought of making an outstanding Bollywood movie too! So, who do you think is that Bollywood's lucky star?