SS Rajamouli: It's rumors again

The much awaited mega budget film ever known in the history of south India is beginning on 6th of July. Its Bahubali directed by SS Rajamouli.The estimated budget as per sources is Rs 150 cr and it is releasing in Telugu, tamil, Hindi and Malayalam.

Prabhas, Rana, Anushka and Adivi Sesh are playing key roles in the film and recently there was a rumor that Rs 10 cr worth set was erected for a fighting sequence that lasts for 3days. But Rajamouli quashed the rumor stating that budgets are not going to be burnt in such level for mere sets.

After the much applauded Eega, Rajamouli is coming up with this mega film.There are plans going on to release the film in other languages as well, simultaneously.