Namita's Sister Shocks Prabhas Fans

When Prabhas' fans are eagerly waiting for the romance magic of their heartthrob hero, this sister of Namitha has shocked them. This happened in Mirchi movie theatres and check out how.

Apparently, the looks of Anushka are so wild that she is growing like a drum each passing day. Earlier when she used to sway her waist and hip in songs, people used to mad with wild thoughts. But now, they are going mad by looking at those odd sizes in 'Mirchi' movie, thanks to her Sambar 'picchi'. Some critics felt that Anushka is just a couple of kilograms away from South India's fattest heroine Namitha and everyone will believe if we say she is Namitha's sister. That is truly a disappointment for both Prabhas and Anushka fans.

Both this hunk hero and Arabian horse heroine are going to join hands for the third time after Billa and Mirchi for Rajamouli's 'Baahubali'. Let us see if our hot siren keeps a tab on that layer of fat or not.