Young Girls' Blowing Acts In Theatres

For Telugu people what could be the bigger entertainment than watching movies? And with many urban girl fans of cinema going beyond boundaries, veteran audiences are getting shocked.

Right now, bunches of young girls are blowing both whistles and minds of male audiences in movie theatres. If you want an experience of it, you have to visit the movie-houses playing Prabhas' 'Mirchi'. It looks like, Prabhas is the top rated hero in Tollywood after Superstar mahesh when it comes to lady fan following. It is not just teens, but girls who just entered high school and ladies who are in middle age are also clapping and shouting when Prabhas entered the screen.

It is time for male fans not to underestimate female fans of their heroes, when it comes to opening day collections. That's Prabhas fan power and 'Mirchi' for you guys!